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Q. What type of Flour do you use?
A. King Arthur, Premium, all natural and unbleached.

Q. What type of Sugar do you use?
A. Organic, Fair Trade, Evaporated Cane. It is very expensive, but we think it makes a better bread.

Q. What type of Salt do you use?
A. We try to use as little salt as possible in our mixes, and we use Sea Salt.

Q. Does is mater what order I put the Mix and water in the bread machine?
A. Yes. If you don't add the water first, the mix tends to stick in the corners of the mixing pot

Q. Expiration Date?
A. The government says we can have an expiration date a year or more after we mix it. We like fresh ingredients, so we date it for two months. You can use it and get good results long after our expiration date.

Q. Is your bread salt free?
A. No. We use as little as possible. You may want to add more to suit your taste

Q. Is your bread fat free?
A. Almost. The Chocolate, Chocolate Chip has cocoa butter in the chips, none of the other flavors have any fat. Commercail bakeries use oils, Mono and Diglycerids to keep the bread soft for a long time. Since you bake our bread fresh, you don't need all those fats.

Q. Why isn't your white bread white?
A. Because we don't use bleached white flour and without the bleaching the flour isn't pure white

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